The Mermaid's Tale- First edition, Crinkle Ribbon

$5.29 - $7.29

I wanted this bundle to sound like a book, I hope this edition will inspire you to create. Mermaids Tale, first edition is a perfect blend of shimmering hues of pink for the tail with golden highlights. The One Fathom goes into the ocean six feet, where you still see reflections of light on a sunny day, I have chosen a light green to compliment the pink hue tail. As you go deeper into the ocean 6 Fathoms shows less light, so it becomes a darker hue of the lighter green, still being a perfect pairing to the pink hue tail. With this bundle you will have a choice of the Pink Tail Hue with the One Fathom, the Six Fathom or will receive 5 yards of each color ordered